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quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012


05/02/2012 at 14:32 \ Straight to the Point


Lula: 'The PM can strike. The government wanted to give the impression that without police on the street, around Bahia is a criminal '

Lula accused the government of Bahia have caused looting, trawlers and other forms of violence during the strike of the Military Police, so that the movement's leaders to suspend the strike. "I think in the case of Bahia, the government itself has articulated the so-called trawlers to create panic in society. See, what the government attempted to sell? The impression that was passed that if there were no police on the street, around the Bahia was crook. "According to the head of the PT, no strike may be illegal. "'The Military Police can strike," he said. "My thesis is that all categories of workers that are considered essential activities may be prohibited from going on strike if wages are also essential. If you consider the core activity, but paid salary Micho, that citizen has the right to strike. In Sweden, until the army can strike out at the time of war. "

The above paragraph has been extracted without touches of a report published on July 26, 2001 Agency Leaf, when the platform went wandering through the city of Rio Grande do Sul Santa Maria. Interviewed by journalists and Leo Gerchmann Luiz Francisco, made statements that do not lose the expiration date. Relied for the then governor Cesar Borges, then the PFL, apply to the partner Jaques Wagner. Is he to blame for everything. At least in the opinion of Lula.

In 2001, the then Deputy Jaques Wagner not only endorsed the chatter of the head and decided to appoint an honorary AM, helping the strikers with money and speeches. This weekend, Wagner showed that the head of the governor is not related to the congressman. Ten and a half years, changed lanes abruptly. He now thinks he is the PM who is behind the wave of killings, looting and attacks that scans the major cities of Bahia.

"I have no doubt that part of it is committed by order of the criminals who autointitulam leaders of the movement," the detective found the slapstick. "It's an attempt to create despair in the population succumb to the government, an attempt at psychological warfare." Together, the gossip of the former president and the governor's report that the fault switch sides depending on the situation of the PT. If the party is in opposition, the opponent of the governor is guilty. If you are in power, is of the strikers. Lula and Wagner deserve reserved seats in the brotherhood of champions irresponsible opportunism.

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